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Goldie Bell Taylor: Columbiana County, OH

PostPosted: Wed Dec 04, 2013 3:46 am
by That Thing Over There
Goldie Bell Taylor is perhaps the most well known historical character in Columbiana County. Born in August of 1884, she was a twin. Her sister, Lena Leota, died a few days after birth. Goldie was very healthy though and her parents, Jacob and Lizzie Taylor loved her dearly. At the age of two, Jacob was making Elderberry Juice in a cast iron pot. He took the pot outside to cool so he could clean it and went back in to continue canning. Goldie could not resist the sweet juice remaining in the pot, so she scraped what she could from the sides to eat. Cast iron was different back then and every bite she took of the juice had little flecks of iron in it. Goldie died a few short days later of Iron Poisoning. Her mother, Lizzie, blamed her father Jacob, but not as much as Jacob blamed himself. Lizzie left him and they were divorced. She would go on to have 11 more sets of twins, though most of them were either still born or died shortly after birth.

Jacob decided to have this grave marker made to mark his little daughter’s final resting place. He sent a picture of her to Italy, where sculptors could be found to make his daughters likeness in marble. It cost $2000 to have the statue made. It cost another $2000 to have it shipped home. Jacob, who owned a large farm in the Sebring area (where the Sebring Mansion is now located) sold most of it to the Sebring family. That is how the town of Sebring came to be.
From the day Goldie was put to rest in Hope Cemetery, her father Jacob took fresh flowers to her grave every day. He rode a horse 17 miles one way to lay them at her grave and did that for 10 years. Jacob died in 1896 and was buried beside his little girls.

That is where the legend begins for Goldie Bell's statue. Even after her father's death, the flowers kept coming to Goldie's grave. No one has been able to catch who does it. The most mysterious thing to have happened is when the flowers changed in Goldie's marble hands in the winter and there were no foot prints leading to or away from her marker.

Re: Goldie Bell Taylor: Columbiana County, OH

PostPosted: Mon Sep 15, 2014 4:01 pm
by That Thing Over There
We are scheduled to visit the grave on September 27, 2014. We will post photos and findings here on the forum.