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Bigfoot Track found in Freedom Township, Ohio

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Bigfoot Track found in Freedom Township, Ohio

Postby That Thing Over There » Tue Sep 16, 2014 12:20 pm

Possible Bigfoot Track Cast September 5, 2014 Freedom Township, Ohio

Here is a cast we took of what could be the track of a Bigfoot here in Ohio. Although not a deep impression the toes and heel are visible. For size comparison we put a copy of one of the Patterson/Gimlin tracks from 1967 beside it. Both tracks are roughly 14 inches in length. The family who allowed us to take this cast also reports hearing whoops, Screams, high pitched howls, and tree knocks in the middle of the night. Near the location where this cast was made there was also some very odd branch and stick formations. We will be posting additional photos that were taken on site. Our goal is to acquire more defined tracks and additional evidence of what is making its home in this families woods.

To keep the family’s privacy we will not post the exact location where the track was obtained.

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